Katie Keppel

that sinking feeling

Accidents do happen and in Katie’s world that generally means something has gone wrong on a journey by sea, air or road, often with expensive consequences. Katie is a claims adjuster focussing on the transportation of everything from livestock to cars and is a specialist who investigates when things go wrong.

Katie was at college studying to be a vet and had done some work in the insurance sector part time. “There is not a lot of overlap” said Katie, “but we do see accidents where animals are the cargo, so the knowledge comes in handy.” Katie works for an insurer, Ascot, and as an adjuster spends time negotiating with the brokers that advise clients on these specialist policies. “My aim is to make a firm decision while still being fair” says Katie.

She continued “this type of work means you learn a lot of life skills that, when I speak to my friends, other careers don’t seem to teach. I have had to learn about the give and take of negotiation, having discussions face to face and not hiding behind email and to read everything twice so you really get the detail and can argue off proper analysis”.

Given the range of possible accidents Katie might face, all these skills get used every day. High profile accidents at sea include the Hoegh Osaka – a container ship filled with high value cars, which went aground outside Southampton. At a more individual level, families moving abroad can often be confronted seeing all their worldly belongings coming out a ship wet and damaged.

“It’s a really mixed bag” commented Katie “and to be honest that variety is what I love about the marine sector. It is also international and complicated so you never know what to expect next”.

Like other professionals in the London insurance market, Katie loves and values the social and sporting side of what she does. Whether it is choir, golf, netball or rugby there are societies to join and people to have fun with. “The community spirt and the ability to work and play hard makes insurance a unique place to build your career” concluded Katie.