Flying high

The aviation sector has many challenges. Not only has the pandemic dented airline finances, but climate change has raised the bar for aircraft design and performance.

With demand for air travel set to double in the next ten years, airlines need to invest now in the next generation of planes. Planes which can fly with reduced emissions using new sustainable fuels. But such developments don’t come cheap. It takes anywhere between $50m to $150m to fund a new aircraft.

The London market provides insurance to ensure airlines don’t default on loans. That gives banks the confidence to lend and it reduces costs, so airlines can afford the best planes to secure their future.

High levels of airline safety means that fortunately there are very few serious accidents, but there can be claims for everything from lost baggage to birds flying into engines.

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Airline travel has become an everyday event for many people and airline safety is increasing all the time. Nevertheless, accidents do happen, and the consequences can be tragic and expensive...

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