Losing your sparkle

Theft is probably one of the oldest risks in the world. In 1671 Thomas Blood walked into the Tower of London, knocked out the Keeper of the Jewels and stuffed the loot down his trousers. Unsurprisingly he failed to make a clean get-away.

In 2015 a similarly audacious heist in Hatton Garden, London, saw six elderly robbers make the most of a long Easter weekend to drill into the vaults to steal an estimated £25 million of jewels.

But while the stories might be entertaining, the experience of jewellery theft is no joke. The London market covers against every risk from armed robbery to loss of loaned earrings and necklaces at the Oscars.

Whether you work for a broker or an insurance company, the appeal of claims remains the same according to Charles. “This is the ultimate puzzle solving job”.

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Jewellery retailers and manufacturers really understand the value of insurance. As providers of expensive luxury goods, they can be a prime target for criminals as well as being exposed to all the other threats like fire and flooding faced by most businesses...

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