Scoring a success

Sport is where everyone takes risks to play at the top of their game – and the price can be high both physically and financially.

A Formula One car costs approximately £98 million to build, so it’s an expensive day if you crash one. Mick Schumacher racked up an impressive $4.2 million in damages to his cars in the 2021 season.

And getting the fans in means getting the money in. Liverpool’s famous Anfield stadium is currently undergoing a 7,000 seater extension while matches are played so they don’t have to move stadium, but increasing the risk.

The London insurance market is a leader across a wide range of sports, providing the protection that allows for peak performance.

I attend events, go prospecting for clients, get the Miller name out there. This year, I went to Le Mans and I’m going to a Formula E event taking place in London’s Docklands, which is a chance to check in with current clients as well...

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Film crews that are reporting on war zones, aid workers helping out after catastrophes all put themselves in harm’s way doing their job. We make sure they are protected

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I help to service clients who are primarily professional sports players with careers in football, cricket, rugby, tennis and motor sport. The insurance I sell is designed not only to protect a player’s earnings but also to provide an income should an injury end their career...

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Insuring sporting stars