Wheelie big risks

Whether it is superlight hypercars or vintage vehicles, this is not your average car insurance.

Earlier this year the record price for a car was reached when a 1955 Mercedes-Benz sold at auction for a whopping $143 million, smashing all previous records. In 2021 a suspected arson attack caused a multi-million-pound collection to be completely destroyed, one of the cars lost was a $3 million Ferrari LaFerrari.

The large value and collectability of these cars has opened up a demand for specialist motor insurance to cover the owners against theft or accidental damage. The London insurance market is first off the grid helping to protect owners if something goes wrong.

We specialise in classic cars, super cars, high performance vehicles and collections. Some of my clients are Europe’s biggest car collectors with collections worth over £100m. My role is to produce new business, then look after everything about my clients’ insurance...

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