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National Curriculum

  • Global systems and global governance


  • 2.1.2 Global systems


  • Topic 2.2 – Global Connections


  • Topic 7: Superpowers
  • Topic 8: Global Development and Connections
60 mins

About this teaching resource:

This lesson will explore the issues associated with the stability of global systems and how this impacts the insurance industry.  Students will gain an understanding about why we have insurance for a variety of unexpected events. They will categorise these unexpected events into the four principal global systems. There are predicted changes that affect the global systems; the topics that will be explored are international trade, decline of Human Development Index (HDI) and Global Environmental Change (GEC). Students are going to discover the challenges and provide solutions to the predicted changes for each of the global systems. Students will then apply their knowledge to how these can impact upon the insurance industry.

The insurance industry is a great place to start and grow a career. The different careers available including insurance broker, insurance underwriter and claims adjuster that all require a variety of different skills. The study of geography provides students with the skills needed in these careers, such as: critical and analytical thinking, research and data collection, project management, writing ability, problem solving, and attention to detail.

In our increasingly changing world, the insurance industry values employees from a diverse academic background with many employers offering tailored graduate schemes. There are various opportunities to start a career in insurance without a degree with entry-level jobs and apprenticeships including a Level 4 Insurance Professional or Level 6 Senior Insurance Professional apprenticeships. Please click here to find out more about careers in insurance.