Olivia Johnson

A pitch perfect career

Olivia’s journey from studying classical saxophone to making a difference for travellers and airlines in times of trouble may not be the one she expected to follow, but she has landed in an industry and speciality that she really loves.

After leaving music college. Olivia took an admin job at LV, the insurance company, to earn some money, but colleagues said that if she really wanted to be serious about insurance she should move to London and work there. She joined the Lloyd’s graduate scheme and did several rotations in different areas including looking at fine art risks and working on claims in the aviation sector. She is now working for Allianz, an insurance company, in aviation. “I just fell in love with aviation and claims” she says. “Every day is different and, even if you are working on the same accident or claim, then it will have moved on so that you are solving new problems.”

“Handling claims means you make a difference to people, we help them financially but most of all we can alleviate pain for families and do good” she continues. High levels of airline safety means that fortunately there are very few serious accidents, but there can be claims for everything from lost baggage to birds flying into engines. “I have learnt so much about this industry. I have done courses, been to examine wreckage at yards and climbed around old planes.”

It is also a global industry which means that Olivia not only gets to travel but is looking at business operating in countries like Brazil and Malaysia. “The specialty insurance market is great for meeting people and working in close co-operation. I have just been meeting colleagues in Singapore and those face to face conversations were incredibly helpful. We go to see clients and get together to discuss the issues that the sector faces” continues Olivia.

Because the risks that airlines face can be so large, a number of insurers will share those risks – so there is both co-operation and competition in the sector. “Even though we compete, we are a community” concludes Olivia. “There is real enthusiasm to bring in young talent and lots of opportunities to do new things. I can’t recommend it enough”.