Protecting the data

Back in the day you could put some toast on, run the dishwasher and check your fridge without worrying that someone was trying to hack into your WiFi, steal your passwords or hijack your identity.

But criminals are now so sophisticated, they can use any wifi-connected device, communication system or web platform to attack you, your employer or indeed whole sections of the global economy at any one time. One analyst estimates that cybercrime will cost businesses and consumers nearly  $24 trillion by 2027, more than the total output of the US, the world’s largest economy.

The London market puts great effort into helping businesses prevent and manage cyber attacks so companies face down the risk with confidence and you don’t have to hand write memos or do the washing up by hand.

Early on I realised that I loved technology but that I wanted to look at the business impact rather than the more technical side like coding. So cyber insurance was a perfect opportunity

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