No job is without danger, but war correspondents perhaps face the most obvious risks.

Fox news journalist Benjamin Hall had to be hospitalised after being injured reporting on the war in Ukraine. BBC correspondent Frank Gardner was shot and paralysed in Riyadh. War correspondent Martin Bell came through 18 wars un-scathed before tripping over his cases at Gatwick airport on his return from a cruise requiring 2.5 hours of reconstructive surgery and an extended stay in hospital.

But while such terrible injuries grab the headlines, every worker faces a range of risks as they go about their business. Protecting employees from risk when working is a fundamental duty of every business, whether employees are selling books, advising on complex infrastructure projects or setting up a new office.

It’s no accident the world’s largest insurance market can protect employees wherever they work and whatever job they do.

I work on insurance for a whole range of sports, from football to motorsports, and from basketball to hockey. Professionals rely on us to protect their incomes

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Film crews that are reporting on war zones, aid workers helping out after catastrophes all put themselves in harm’s way doing their job. We make sure they are protected

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