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Frequently asked questions

Is insurance useful for society?

Insurance enables risk-taking and investment. Without insurance, planes would not be able to take off, musicians wouldn’t perform live and vaccinations wouldn’t be transported all round the world. Insurance is what makes the global economy work.

Is insurance a green industry?

The insurance industry is at the heart of the green revolution. It provides the risk solutions that make innovation possible and which support businesses and industries to transition to new ways of working. For example, insurance has enabled businesses to explore the development of renewable energy assets like wind turbines and solar panels.

What degree or experience do I need to work in insurance?

Risk is everywhere so the industry recruits individuals from many backgrounds. Whether you’re a mathematician, a geographer or a mixed media artist, London market businesses will want evidence of strong analytic, inter-personal and team working capabilities.

What’s a risk modeller?

They do the maths. Working for both insurance companies and broking houses, they work how likely something is to go wrong and how expensive that might be. Modellers typically come from a maths or economics background. Their scenarios rely on data from multiple sources and are used to help businesses understand how likely a risk is, and how big it might be. Modellers need strong analytical and communication skills.