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Big business often equates to global business. Companies import and export goods and services from different countries, sometimes operating in territories where regimes can be unstable or where international relationships are in the spotlight. Civil unrest, riots and strikes causing damage to companies’ physical assets and place trade deals and balance sheets in jeopardy.

In 2022, the war in Ukraine meant that international business in Russia ground to a halt, leaving companies with stranded assets, frozen bank accounts and broken supply chains. In 2023 the political risk spotlight continues to shine on other regions, including China and Taiwan, where escalating instability can spook businesses and investors.

The London market is no stranger to the vicissitudes of global trade and politics, fighting to help companies manage political risk in xxx countries around the world.

I can’t think of any profession that gives you a chance to work in so many different settings with so many different people

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I love fixing things and trying to solve a thorny problem. I see everything from a government taking property or goods illegally, riots or terrorism.

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