The final frontier

It might be the final frontier for Star Trek fans but not for the London Market. We’ve been offering specialist cover for rockets, satellites and everything in between since 1965 when we insured Intelsat I, the world’s first commercial communications satellite.

In 2014, we were the insurers for Virgin Galactic’s space flight test rocket which broke up in flight and crashed in the Mojave Desert in California. This was a tragic and unexpected loss. But the market was able to settle pay compensation, worth tens of millions of dollars, in just five working days.

When disaster strikes, paying up fast helps make all the difference. In this case it enabled Virgin to extend its search to retrieve as much wreckage as possible and really understand what went wrong so it could make space travel safer in future.

I work with satellite operators, manufacturers and launch service providers to make sure that if something goes wrong with their technology, often worth hundreds of millions of dollars, then their businesses will not also crash financially...

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Getting under the skin of space businesses means understanding what they are trying to do. This means getting to visit world leading engineering facilities and learning about the latest in rocket and satellite technology. My most memorable trip was to Svalbard in the Arctic Circle to see a ground station communicating with satellites in polar orbit...

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