A Giganotosaurus risk

It’s amazing what different people collect – Pokémon cards, dinosaur remains, trainers and handbags. All worth a fortune and all easily damaged.

The market for collectables is really broad and the prices paid can go sky high. Its all about the brand – even with dinosaurs, where the velociraptor is the Hermes of fossils and is the most prized. Last year, a complete egg of an aepyornis maximus, otherwise known as an elephant bird, sold for roughly five times what it would have gone for a decade earlier.

London is where the passionate collectors come to protect their prize possessions.

Some people collect because they love stamps or coins, others because they think NFTs or wine will shoot up in value, but whatever the motivation, the risk of damage or theft can turn joy to tears and cash to ashes...

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Birkin handbags from Hermès cost £16,000 but can then be sold on the secondary market for £20,000–£30,000 because demand for them is exceptionally high. So, if one of the bags is damaged, how much is it really worth?...

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