Turning the tide

The current global energy crisis is shining a bright light on the importance of renewables, from solar panels, to wind farms and even hydrogen.

Whether it is a solar farm that is so large it can be seen from space, a wind turbine struck by lightning or the new and emerging technologies of green and blue hydrogen, it’s insurance that covers the cost of damage to and investment in capturing, converting and distributing these alternative sources of power.

By using its expertise to insure the construction and ongoing operations of renewable energy, London is helping to lower energy costs and create a cleaner, safer environment.


Energy from wind and solar is increasingly important in keeping the world’s lights on.  However, these projects are susceptible to damage by hailstorms, lightning strikes, wildfires, and mechanical failures...

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This is what really matters” she says. If a hurricane hits, or something else terrible happens, then we are dealing with all the after effects.

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Working in renewables means that I’m predominantly involved with wind and solar energy as well as battery energy storage ...

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Every time a hurricane hits or a community gets flooded it adds to what we know about how often these types of catastrophes occur and the cost of the damage they do...

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