Guy Bronze

modelling the future

With climate change a reality for everyone, our ability to understand the impact of extreme weather and natural disasters are vital to helping populations to adapt and survive. Guy’s background in Geography and Environmental Hazards gave him a great base as a catastrophe risk analyst, working to model the risks of the future.

Guy has worked as an analyst with insurer Munich Re since 2015 – with a brief foray into the NHS during the global pandemic. “Every time a hurricane hits or a community gets flooded it adds to what we know about how often these types of catastrophes occur and the cost of the damage they do” explained Guy. “By using the data over a specific timeframe we can get a grip on what the costs might be, and then work out the price we should be charging to protect clients against this risk”.

Guy’s passion for geography and understanding the how different natural occurrences are linked really helps in thinking about risks. “Yes, this is about analysis, but you don’t have to be a tech or maths whizz” explains Guy. “One of the key things in this job is explaining the analysis to my colleagues, making it understandable and packaging it in a way that means they can make a fast decision off the back of it. That is a different but equally important skill”.

As the world sees more frequent and more serious weather patterns from climate change – as well as its consequences like wildfires and flooding, Guy needs to make sure his models keep up to date with these unprecedented events. “We need to make sure the models are doing what we expect, and that means ensuring we adapt as the world changes”.

It is this sense of dynamism that Guys loves about the London insurance market. “Something is always happening, so many things all around the world affect what we do every day. You feel you are totally in tune with news agenda and real life. There is nothing else like it anywhere in financial services”.