What’s your poison?

Taste buds are important to all of us, but for some professionals they can be worth millions of pounds.

The London insurance market insured the tongue of Gennaro Pelliccia, an Italian coffee taster for the UK’s coffee chain company, la Costa, for the sum of ten million pounds in 2009, as well as the taste buds of a scientist and taster for Cadbury for £1 million.

For others it is the pleasure of collecting liquid assets like wine, 50-year-old whisky, expertly blended cognac or limited edition Tequila. These passion collections need special care in their storage and protection and they can also appreciate in value. So, London is where many people come to make sure they don’t have a financial hangover if things go wrong.

Many of us will have sipped a glass of wine or two over dinner, but for some investors and private collectors, wine is more than a passion, it’s an investment. And the financial values involved can be very high...

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