Matthew Haynes

high performance risk

Matthew, an insurance broker specialising in in high value and high performance cars like Ferraris and Maseratis loves the thrill of the chase. “I’m a salesman.  I like hunting for new business. I’m also passionate about cars – and now I get to work with them on a daily basis.”

Based in the West Midlands, Matthew works for Lockton Performance, which focuses on wealthy individuals and their assets, be they cars, art, boats or properties.

“We specialise in classic cars, super cars, high performance vehicles and collections. Some of my clients are Europe’s biggest car collectors with collections worth over £100m,” Matthew explains. “My role is to produce new business and to be an account executive on larger risks, handling them from cradle to grave. I meet the clients and look after everything about their insurance.”

Matthew began his working life training to be a legal executive for a law firm dealing with the property market. But when property prices crashed after the 2008 financial crisis, he decided to switch to insurance. After a first job with local broker Footman James dealing with what are known as passion assets – cars, art, wine collections, jewellery  –  he moved to the new office being set up by Lockton in Birmingham.

No day is ever the same for Matthew. On Monday he could be handling a portfolio of 10 properties and on Tuesday he could be on a motor racing track day looking for new business. “The job doesn’t become monotonous,” Matthew says. “I also need to use a lot of psychology – how to read the situation, read the client.”

Social media is a big part of Matthew’s new business drive. He has an Instagram account based around his love of up-market cars. “I’m a millennial so I’m always banging the drum about needing to do more on social media. While potential clients don’t want to do business on social media, they do want to show off their cars. I find it very lucrative to use the platform. My clients are in an environment in which they’re comfortable. It helps build trust ––- and when clients trust you, you’re on your way.”